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What is the price?

$2/lb for U-PICK

$13 for 5lb PRE-PICKED

$25 for 10lb PRE-PICKED

How do I store blueberry to keep it fresh?

Short Term: Keep blueberries refrigerated for maximum 14 days. Keep in dry environment and wash before eating.

Long-Term: To maintain freshness of the blueberry follow the steps below:

1. Wash blueberry using cold water lightly

2. Let blueberry dry out on towel

3. Once completely dry, package into container or bag to freeze. Make sure the container is sealed tightly.

How fresh are PRE-PICKED Best Choice blueberries?

PRE-PICKED blueberry is packaged and sold the same day as picked to maintain freshness. For larger orders exceeding 100lb call 3 days prior to place your order.

Can we bring our own buckets to Best Choice Blueberry Farm for U-PICK?

Best Choice Blueberry Farm provides free buckets to use for U-PICK which must be returned before departure from our farm. All customers are welcome to bring their own buckets as well, but make sure to get them weighted prior to U-PICK to ensure you are paying for just the blueberries.

Do you subtract the weight of the bucket from the price of U-PICK when paying at Best Choice Blueberry Farm?

Yes, we subtract the weight of the buckets from the cost when measuring weight for U-PICK. If you bring your own buckets please make sure to get them weighted prior to going for U-PICK.

What are the rules for U-PICK?

​1. Please be respectful to all employees and customers on the farm​​.

2. Do not throw or play with the blueberries when picking in the farm.

3. Please only pick the blueberries that you want to purchase.

4. Do not break or snap blueberry plants/bushes when picking. 

​5. Do not eat the blueberries in the field due to health and safety regulations.

​6. Please come prepared with weather-appropriate clothing and have fun!!!

What time does Best Choice Blueberry Farm open?

We are open everyday!!

Monday-  8:00am - 9:00pm

Tuesday-  8:00am - 9:00pm

Wednesday-  8:00am - 9:00pm

Thursday-  8:00am - 9:00pm

Friday-  8:00am - 9:00pm

Saturday-  8:00am - 9:00pm

Sunday-  8:00am - 9:00pm

Is there a cost to enter and pick blueberries?

There is no entry fee or prepaid cost to visit Best Choice Blueberry Farm

Are pets allowed?

Pets are allowed to an extent, please speak with a member of our staff to ensure your pet is allowed to enter the farm.

Where can we pick the blueberry?

We will drop you off to the rows which are ready to be picked. Some rows may be taped off closed which is due to changes in weather delaying the readiness of the blueberry. Feel free to ask one of our wonderful staff members which rows are open today.

Is Best Choice Blueberry Farm accessible to disabled and elderly people?

Everyone is welcome at Best Choice Blueberry Farm to enjoy fresh blueberry and have fun. Please speak to one of our staff members for any special requests or accommodations.

Where is the washroom?

The washroom is located to the left of the exit. Feel free to ask for directions from any of our hard-working staff members.

Are we hiring?

Regarding all employment questions and inquires please visit the contact page or call/text 604-805-2975

What varieties of blueberry does Best Choice Blueberry Farm have?

We have Duke and Bluecrop, feel free to ask one of our awesome staff members of which variety is being sold today.

Does Best Choice Blueberry Farm sell any other fruits/vegetables?

Currently we only have U-PICK and PRE-PICKED blueberries for sale. We hope to grow and sell more variety of products in the future.

Is there any age limit for U-PICK?

There is no age limit for U-PICK, please take care of children as we are an operating farm with trucks and machinery.